Review of SiteGround Support and Customer Service

SiteGround started in 2004 by several university friends and is known to push technological boundary that makes it among the most reliable, secure and fastest web hosting providers. It has undergone a phenomenal growth with more than 500,000 domains and 400 employees.

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Key points

SiteGround’s key points are its CloudFlare Railgun that enhances security and performance, dynamic caching, automatic backups, SSD hosting, Linux platform, control panel and specialist plans for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal hosting. Its servers are located in the United States, Europe and Asia. SiteGround has tutorials, support materials and excellent customer support which make it really friendly, especially for new webmasters and small businesses.

Customer support is what makes SiteGround stand out most of the time. It processes per day over 1,000 phone calls, 3,000 chat requests and 1,500 tickets which are being replied to in less than 10 minutes. Its knowledgeable support has a team of people who are quick and detailed with their responses and can actually fix things.

Legendary support team

Not only does SiteGround make sure it runs websites faster but it likewise has a legendary support team who is ready to help anytime such as during onboarding and website transfer.  That is why the company’s customer satisfaction ratings are consistently almost 100 percent.

SiteGround support agents are always available on the phone or chat as well as in ticketing support. The company would not want its clients to wait for the next available operator so a staff is always present to pick up the phone or chat online.

For tickets, support will give its first reply in 10 minutes, while live chat has someone to respond immediately. Phone response is likewise given instantly. That is how insanely SiteGround customer support works. The firm invests mostly on human as well as technical staff to make its support fast and efficient. Its in-house system tracks load balances, request for agents as well as other issues.

Personal profile

SiteGround customer service team members have personal profiles with photos seen every time the customer contacts one of their representatives through the Support Center. In these personal profiles, customers can see service team member’s technical background, interests, years of experience and specific areas of expertise. The web host is among the few who put up their support team’s personal profile which makes customers feel more assured.

Reliable service

Something can go wrong with a website anytime. If ever it has been accidentally deleted or the WordPress is messed up or one is trying to install something and cannot get it to work, SiteGround customers are fine with these because they know they have someone to help them out. The web host’s customer support has many capable technicians.

When a customer signs up to ask a quick query, guaranteed the customer service team will respond in just a few minutes. Furthermore, it is not just about speed. They have ample knowledge about Joomla, WordPress and Magento. They can give help immediately. SiteGround’s customer service is second to none and is simply the best one can ever find from a web host. They can help their customers move or migrate a website free of charge. They could help migrate multiple websites as well, for a modest fee.

What customers said

Many of SiteGround’s customers are impressed by the patience, speed and technical capabilities of its customer support team. One customer admitted she needed more guidance as she is not a technical person. She was blown away with the assistance extended to her in putting up her site and felt relieved that there is a kind, helping hand available 24/7.

Those whose websites were down had them back again in less than an hour. Others testified they experienced spending or even wasting an entire day messing around with resolving issues, something that SiteGround does not allow to happen because the team members of its customer service are ready to guide. Customers feel the eagerness of the support team to help and serve.

There are customers who have several websites hosted by SiteGround and they are happy with the service. They do not have plans to change providers and would still have SiteGround to host their new websites. They believe the web host deserves every penny that they pay for 10 times over.