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Cpanel Introduction

From the name Cpanel, the control panel access is a web based hosting panel that allows website users tools and optimization throughout the process of their website. Website hosting can get heavy particularly on storing, retrieving, and processing this data over a large number of visitors on a website. Sufficiently, the Cpanel allows easier managing of website files, folders, application, domains & subdomains, emails, etc.. With an easy and user-friendly tool designed for account management, Siteground offers an additional range of features to the Cpanel accessibility.

These features come in three different packages depending on the amount paid for and the number of monthly visitors to your website. Respectively, the amount of website visitors are 10,000, 25,000, and 100,000. Siteground also offers customized skin features to give users and visitors and a friendlier message once they visit the site. Multiple server locations, free account transfer, and free daily backup are just one of the many features that Siteground offers with its Cpanel hosting. With so many benefits to serve your website, you’ll also need to know how Siteground’s Cpanel login works. You can access the Cpanel through these 3 simple steps:

  1. After logging in your Customer Area, head over to your My Accounts section where you will find a “Go to Cpanel” button for each hosting account you have.
  2. A pop-up box will appear giving you two options; specifically to choose whether you prefer accessing the Cpanel securely or normally. Choosing a secure option is always and naturally the better choice & suggestion for this.
  3. The username and password used for logging in the customer area will be the same for your first account in the Cpanel. However, having multiple accounts will require a different username and password as well. The Manage Account section, which is also found in the My Accounts tab will direct you to the username of a particular account on your Cpanel. The Manage Account section also allows you to change your password.

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Siteground Cpanel login in just 3 easy steps paired with the extensive benefits and optimization a website can receive is more than just an offer you can’t simply refuse. The Cpanel login of Siteground even has a section that contains tools, which provide detailed statistics. To name a few of these tools, you have Bandwidth, Webalizer, Raw Access Logs, Awstats, and Analog Stats. Webalizer and Analog Stats provide statistical data on the people who visit your website. The difference between the two is that Webalizer shows this in graphs and charts while Analog Stats shows these for a specific month.


With Bandwidth, as the name suggests, is a tool that shows how much of bandwidth usage you utilize on your account. You’ve also got Awstats, which serves as the most extensive tool in the Cpanel login log. This tool lists the visits to your website with the most detail.

Siteground Cpanel login is an application that is highly recommended for heavy website users and hosting. With a constant pool of visitors entering various websites instantaneously, this data also needs monitoring and constant management. With the help of Siteground and the benefits its Cpanel offers, websites can reach further potential in their website databases and data. The Cpanel login in itself only requires a minimal amount of time to set up and adapt, which makes it a perfect choice for website optimization.

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