SiteGround Refund Policy

Web hosting is a continuous process as it breathes life into a website. Unless the website owner wants to kill his website or is not interested in online business anymore, web hosting continues. However, there are instances that the website owner would want to cancel the web hosting for some reasons such as he wants to transfer to another web host provider. If advanced payments have already been paid, then the customer would want to ask for a refund for the services that he will no longer use.

In the case of SiteGround web host provider, it may have customers who want to cancel their services and expect to ask for a refund. To avoid future complaints and rift between the company and its customer, it has included in its Terms of Service its refund policy.

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What the Terms of Service says

Customers are required to read the web host company’s terms of service upon signing up for an account. However, since they want to finish the process fast, they just quickly scan over it and click the Agree button immediately. Yet, it is important for any customer to know the services of a company prior to hiring it.

With regards to refunds, SiteGround’s term of service states the following:

  • The web host provider does not refund registration fees for domain names.
  • The company applies the same payment method used by the customer when paying refunds. It has nothing to do with any delay to refund by involved processing institutions or of the expiration of the payment method on the customer’s side.
  • Amount in SiteGround wallet is non-refundable but can be used for purchases or renewals of the web host’s services. The firm may return to its customer some pre-paid fees as credit via the wallet. The amount in the wallet will expire for over a year.
  • If applicable, refunds can be issued during termination of the firm’s services initiated by the customer. The application of a refund is usually set in the Money Back Guarantee.
  • Failure on the customer’s part to maintain his account in compliance with the company’s Terms of Service may lead to limitation of usage, suspension of service or a non-refundable termination of account.
  • This web host provider may refuse to transfer its customer’s website if the process requires configuration incompatible with its servers, or if it sees that it requires more resources. The website host provider firm will refund website transfer fees if it cannot transfer its customer’s website.
  • In processing the customer’s SSL certificate, SiteGround may act on the customer’s behalf for approving the SSL certificate order, renewal or activation request with the SSL provider. If the customer fails to complete his SSL confirmation process within five days following the SSL order, renewal or activation request, the SSL will be cancelled and SiteGround will not issue any refund.

Money Back Guarantee

Their 30-day money back guarantee assures its customers that the web host will meet the expectations specified in its Terms of Service. This feature is the customer’s only option should the firm’s services fail to meet such expectations. The following conditions apply:

  • Request for service termination should be posted via the User Area.
  • The feature covers orders within 30 days from the day of activation.
  • No money back guarantee for renewal orders, Cloud, paid support, third party services, dedicated hosting services, domain name and domain privacy or ID protect.

It is highly recommended that SiteGround customers and potential customers should check out the web host’s Terms of Service for more information about the company’s refund policy.