Siteground SuperCacher

With its remarkable and continued services throughout the years as a web hosting company, Siteground has reached further than ever in faster content delivery, website capabilities of handling millions of requests on a per minute basis, and powerful & efficient technology to give its users the right kind of accessibility and quality each customer deserves. A new addition to the Siteground team is the Siteground SuperCacher. The SuperCacher is an optimization tool developed by Siteground exclusively for its customers. It focuses on boosting website loading speed and significantly increasing the number of hits a website can handle.

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SuperCacher uses a caching system to aid in the optimization process. Specifically, it uses 4 different caching options including an alternative for the entire caching system. To learn more about these caching options, I’ll explain how each option works.

Static Cache

The Static cache system focuses on the static content of your website. Static content includes images, CSS files, JavaScript, and plain HTML documents. What the Static cache system does is it caches all these static content in a separate server, specifically in a RAM server, to dramatically speed the process of static content loading on the website. So when a large number of visitors enter the website, static content is accessed through the RAM server memory for an incredible increase in content delivery and number of hits your website is capable of handling.

Dynamic Cache

This is a much more complex system than the Static cache system. It focuses on dynamic content, meaning, the whole web pages are cached. For websites such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, this is a perfect optimization tool for the dynamic content found in each of these websites. With the entire pages/articles of your website stored in the RAM server memory, only the first visitor will have to load the entire content of the database. The rest that follow will have access directly from the RAM server, which is significantly faster.

Memcached Option

The Memchache system focuses highly on query databases making it perfect for websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. These websites receive a continually high number of visitors daily. And with the number of inputs in each website, it generates a lot of memory and space. One visitor may type several queries on the search bar followed by a succeeding amount of visitors. What Memcache does is, it stores all these query databases in the RAM server that the next time the same query is needed, this data will be taken directly from the RAM instead of the website’s database to avoid slower processing time.

HHVM Option

The HHVM option is accessible only for Dedicated or Cloud Hosting accounts. HHVM uses Just-in-time (JIT) approach to further improve the speed of processing PHP files. How the JIT approach works is by reading the byte codes in many sections and compiles all of these dynamically into a machine language that allows a program to run faster. Instead of using a PHP version to run your files, HHVM processes your PHP files at twice the speed.

Google PageSpeed Option

The Google PageSpeed option is the alternative option Siteground SuperCacher offers for its customers. It uses a ‘mod_pagespeed’ Apache module to reduce the loading time of your page. How Google PageSpeed works is by taking all of the images, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of your website and organizes these systematically and may even resize certain images and remove unused meta-data for a full website optimization. Google PageSpeed efficiently carries out this process with ease.

How To Enable SuperCacher

Now that you’ve understood how each cache system works, I’m sure there’s one particular cache system you’re interested in using for your website. To enable the SuperCacher, simply click on the SuperCacher icon on your cPanel and a screen will pop up showing the available caching options as mentioned above. Simply choose which caching option to use since they will be separated in different tabs. Once you’ve chosen the desired cache system, under that specific tab is an On/Off button you can freely choose to decide when you want to use it.

Siteground has truly surpassed the evolution of a web hosting company in several different ways that make it a spectacular company of trust, reliability, and performance. With such a wide range of caching options designed for its unique and specific purposes, SuperCacher invites its users to the next step of technological innovation and optimization.