How to Transfer a Domain to and from SiteGround

Customers at times need to transfer web hosts and therefore transfer their domain name to that new host. Transferring the domain name to the new host is recommended for easier management.

When one starts to use a hosting account with SiteGround, it can be inconvenient to have the old host manage the customer’s domain name. If that is the case, the customer has to communicate with two web hosts, one as a web host, the other a provider of domain registration services.

For easy management and to manage the domain together with SiteGround, one needs to order the extra service for domain transfer. Transferring a domain name from other registrars to SiteGround will get one an easy management tool like Google Apps Manager, which makes it possible to quickly configure the domain for Google Apps.

The domain transfer process from and to SiteGround is not a big issue since the web host is reputed for its insanely good customer support. Whatever the need is, its support team is friendly, responsive and efficient either it be live chat or ticket-based support. The support team is ready to help their customers in the transfer process. Just in case, the following are the processes involved:

Transfer domain to siteground

Transfer an existing domain name to SiteGround:

  1. It is important to note that prior to ordering the domain transfer, all protection systems of Domain ID are disabled. It is required that the domain information is publicly visible for the transfer process to be successful.
  2. Log in to the Customer Area. Below the ‘My Account’ section is a complete list of external domains linked to a hosting account not registered by SiteGround.
  3. Click the Transfer button.
  4. If the domain to transfer is not on the list, it can be ordered via the Add Services section, Domain Transfer extra service and Add.

It should be noted that domain names to be transferred should be in active status, has over 15 days before it expires, and registration is its first time more than 60 days prior. Then the customer will fill up the other information in the transfer form, as follows:

  1. Enter the Authorization or EPP code of the domain name. The customer can contact the Domain Registrar to get this code. EPP codes are case sensitive.
  2. Confirm the access to the domain’s administrative email address.
  3. The customer will receive an email from SiteGround’s Domain Registrars TUCOWS or ENOM, confirming the domain name transfer to SiteGround.
  4. Instructions in the email should be followed.
  5. The current registrar may also send an email asking the customer to confirm the transfer.

The one-time fee for domain transfer includes free domain registration for a year. For instance, if the domain name expires on Jan. 1, 2017, the expiration date will be changed to Jan. 1, 2018 after the transfer process.

The following holds true in the transfer process of domains and

  • Has a fee
  • Domains will have between 0 to 24 months addition to its expiration date depending on the losing registrar and transfer time
  • Have a distinct TAG attribute that should be set to TUCOWS-CA prior to the transfer process
  • Does not require EPP and administrative email access
  1. Transfer a domain from SiteGround to another registrar

Here are the steps to transfer a domain from SiteGround to another registrar:

  1. Log in to Customer’s Area.
  2. Go to My Account tab then choose the domain name to transfer.
  3. Click Manage then go to Status and choose Change.
  4. Change the status to Active and leave it for 24 hours.
  5. Go to the new registrar and initiate the transfer process.
  6. Regularly check for the domain’s administrative email.

New administrative email

The domain’s valid administrative email can be found using the tool at If the tool shows that the administrative email still has SiteGround as the domain e.g.,, it should be changed to the new registrar to complete the transfer process. To do this, go to Customer’s Area, My Account, Domain name, Manage, Your Domain Administrative Contact Information then Change.

If the domain ID is protected or the administrative email account cannot receive an email from the gaining registrar, then it needs to be canceled. This can be done from Customer’s Area, Billing then Cancel Services. It should be given several hours to change and for the real administrative email to be shown in the WHOIS lookup.